Consulting & Talent Development

Our consulting services and training programs are designed with Customer Success teams as our focal point. We are here to help your team achieve its business & professional goals through a combination of consulting & employee development services. Contact Us to learn more.


Providing a broad range of consulting/contract services to the small and medium size business market, with a key focus on Customer Success in SaaS businesses. 

Assisting clients from ideation to operation, my applied approach will augment your teams' delivery capability and achieve results. 

Virtual & Classroom Workshops

Our high-quality learning content is developed by expert instructional designers using today's best practices.

  • Our Customer Success suite of practical programs deliver value immediately by helping your employees develop fundamental new Business, Customer Service, Managing, and essential Selling skills
  • Configurable content, schedule and delivery options enable us to tailor your instructor-led Workshops and Lunch & Learn sessions to your business needs
  • Virtual/Online, Onsite, or Offsite
  • Contemporary content, experienced instructor

Keep reading for details on the Consulting Services & Training Programs we offer.

Jim Longman - Founder, Facilitator, Consultant

  • 25 years of rich experience at top companies across a range of industries 
  • Tech savvy operational leader and certified Customer Success Expert
  • Well honed management skills complementing hands-on capability
  • Extensive history, enduring results 

I help Customer Success & Talent Management teams achieve their organizational goals.

If you don't see what you're looking for, let's connect. We can talk about your goals and how best to achieve them.

Customer Success Team Evaluation/Assessment/Reviews

Is your CS group well trained, equipped, motivated and engaged? What are its strengths and challenges?  What opportunities exist to improve performance?

Customer Success Organizational Design

Assistance in determining overall strategy, designing optimized structure, component roles/groups, reporting, etc.

Premium Customer Success product/service Design

Assistance in designing and marketing premium Customer Success offerings, products or services, etc.

Customer Success Metrics Suite Design – Implementation

Assistance in designing and/or implementing an appropriate suite of performance metrics for the Customer Success team as a whole and/or its individual members.

Customer Success Compensation Plan Design – Implementation

Assistance in designing and implementing an effective CSM compensation plan.

Customer Success Process / Workflows / Playbook Design

Assistance in designing/documenting workflows / playbooks for your Customer Success team.

Customer Journey Mapping

Assistance in defining and documenting your company’s Customer Journey Maps.

Customer Segmentation

Assistance in segmenting your customer base into appropriate manageable/profitable portfolios.

Customer Health & Risk Assessment; Churn Analysis & Remediation; Data Analytics

Assistance in analyzing the health of your company’s customer relationships, defining risk factors, determining churn rates and appropriate reporting, etc.

Individual Customer Success Plan Design & Development

Assistance in designing individual Customer Success Plans and procedures.

Self-Success / “Tech-Touch” / Knowledge Management

Assistance in designing and/or building automated Customer Success resources, knowledgebases, etc.

OnBoarding Design

Assistance in designing effective on-boarding programs and to optimize user product adoption.

Voice of the Customer / Customer Advocacy Program Development / Surveying

Assistance in designing surveys and Voice of the Customer feedback programs.

Interim/Fractional Customer Success Executive Leadership

Highly experienced Customer Success leader to serve as interim manager of your company’s CS team either as a dedicated full-time resource or on a part-time basis.

Interim/Fractional and/or Outsourced Customer Success Operations Services

Highly experienced Customer Success professional to assist you with your Customer Success Operations needs, including system administration of CS platform tools, data analytics, etc.

Customer Success Software/Technology Vendor/Product Selection Consulting

Independent support to assist you in determining the most appropriate vendor or product for your company’s needs.  Be sure that whichever consultant you retain is truly independent, that they have no conflict of interest commission deals with any vendor.

Independent Customer Success Software/Technology Implementation & Administration

Independent 3rd-party implementation / customization /administration consulting services for CS software and technology products.

Configurable Content, Schedule, & Delivery

Never before have we seen such a need for a richly skilled and adaptable workforce as exists today. This is especially true for the people representing your logo to the world.

For these individuals to deliver value to your customers and your business, and be considered highly successful in their role(s), we expect them to have well-rounded and finely honed skill sets. 

Talent development means learning practical skills such as the best way to handle an objection, but also learning enabling skills such as problem solving techniques.

We have a broad range of business skills training available to help your employees develop their practical and enabling skills. Here are just a few examples of the titles you'll find in our course outlines;

  • Coaching People
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Presenting with Impact
  • and many more...

We provide online, onsite, or offsite training options and if you'd like to discuss a custom solution, we'd love to work with you on that. 

Click below to download a PDF that includes all of our topic outlines.