Aspiration concept and ambition idea as a caterpillar casting a shadow odf a butterfly as an achievement and hope for futur success symbol with 3D illustration elements.

Three steps from surviving to thriving!

Do you enjoy change? Does the unknown of tomorrow thrill you with anticipation and excitement for the surprises that await you? Are you eager and prepared for whatever the day throws at you? I’m not.  There, I’ve said it.  Sometimes I’d rather just close my eyes and wake up in the morning and take whatever…

COVID-19 – Is your business ready?

COVID-19 – Is your business ready?

The Corona Virus as it’s commonly known, or COVID-19, is here in Canada. As a C-level executive, department leader or manager, here are 6 areas you should be thinking about in preparation for the impact on your business. Written by Jim Longman February 28, 2020 The Corona Virus as it’s commonly known, or COVID-19, is…

Goes with EQ post

7 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Job Skills

Here’s why hiring managers say they often value emotional intelligence more highly than IQ. Harvey Deutschendorf Fast Company | This is a fascinating brief on the topic and clearly outlines several good reasons why emotional intelligence is great to have. So, let’s take that point at face value, and agree that it makes sense.…

Thank you to our customers!

Thank you to our customers!

Hubert is one of several people who were very generous with their praise, and I wanted to devote a section of my website to recognize what great clients I’ve worked with in recent months. Here’s what some of my other clients have said: Nikki thought it was “an enjoyable experience to level up my skill…


AI, AR and ME. What I need to know.

The attached PDF was written because I was having some conversations with a client who was curious about the subject and I obliged by researching and developing this simple guide. Written in layman’s terms, it’s a brief overview explaining what 5G networks are, why they’re important, and the coming wave of new technology wrapped in…

Get Up and LEARN, LTD

Get The Advantage

90% of employers recognize soft skills as a critical priority. Those who have mastered their soft skills create an overall more balanced approach to the workplace and their professional and personal relationships. Would you like to get the advantage?

Get Your Complete Course Guide Here!

Get Your Complete Course Guide Here!

This Course Guide provides the full outline of all standard business skills training we currently offer. If there’s something specific you’re looking for, reach out to us and we might be able to help you find it, or add it to our inventory of training if it’s an in-demand item. Download your guide here.



Thanks for visiting our Blog page – included here are various articles, surveys, and other industry related information that I’ve collected for your reading pleasure. Full credit for the articles always goes to the authors named within. All documents on this page are provided free of charge and are easily found online through a simple…

Image How To Explode Motivation

Make motivation work for you using this PDF: How To EXPLODE Motivation!

Get your free How To EXPLODE Motivation PDF here and learn how to make motivation work for you! In this document, we discuss what motivation is and how you can influence it plus some of the fundamental skills that highly motivated individuals possess. We also give 10 quick tips to help you understand managing motivation,…


The IWG Global Workplace Survey

Welcome to Generation Flex – The employee power shift Although flexible workspace has a number of strategic and financial benefits for businesses, this is a people-driven movement – business leaders worldwide told us about the need to attract and retain the best talent, while 4 out of every 5 respondents stated that, given two similar…