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COVID-19 Crisis Response

Managing through the COVID-19 event can help you find new approaches and greater opportunities for the future.  This is a rare opportunity for leadership at all levels to truly steer their company into new, compelling directions.


The Assessment stage puts leadership in a position of reviewing every aspect of their business, looking for opportunities to minimize disruption. The challenge is determining the best course of action with limited quality information and an uncertain future.

And once we make those decisions, we have to be prepared to revisit them every day, shifting seamlessly between Assessment, Action and back again.


The Action stage is when you should be taking action for the immediate future while keeping the horizon in your sight-line at all times. Expect this unstable period to require decision reversals and changes - communicate clearly the steps and actions you're taking designed to ensure the viability of the business moving forward.

You have an opportunity to implement new practices, technology, organization, capture market opportunities with revolutionary products or disruptive services, and much more. If some parts of your business have slowed down, get people involved in project work, or training for the future. Building for the future brings purpose, direction, and resolve to your workforce.


The Reintegration stage is where we reverse course on some of our actions, entrench others, and rebuild business stability for our employees, clients, and stakeholders.

For example, one of the largest undertakings has been to have entire companies working remotely. What have you learned from this experience, and how can you use that information to improve your business permanently?

Change management is crucial here. Employees have already had to deal with a lot of stress and disruption. When the time comes many of those employees may have new expectations, or you may have new expectations of them. Communicate, communicate, communicate!


If you've done things well in the first three phases, you are more likely to have better outcomes, depending on what area you chose to focus on. Perhaps you've increased your competitive advantage, market position, or balance sheet. Maybe you've improved employee moral through your new-found work from home policies. What you do today can affect how well you thrive tomorrow.

Find ways to propel your business forward through progressive reviews of your existing policies, procedures, culture, technology, environment, organization, and of course talent management.

Welcome to Get Up and Learn

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Get Up and Learn can help you with planning, developing, and executing on many of your people-related initiatives.

We do this through a variety of contract/consulting services for projects, recruitment, on-boarding support, presentation development, workshop facilitator services, and more.

Additionally, we help strengthen the workforce you have through a program of employee business skills training, designed specifically for front-line staff and managers.  

Please contact us or visit our Services page for more information.

What's most important to your business?

Successful companies that focus on essential soft skills development in areas such as Communication, Problem Solving, Coaching, and Diversity & Inclusion see many benefits including

  • Higher levels of employee engagement
  • Improved employee and customer satisfaction & retention
  • Sustained productivity gains
  • Skilled workforce at your fingertips
  • Better trained employees make fewer mistakes, bring in more revenue, lower costs
  • Improve your company's brand, image & profile
  • Increase your organizational flexibility & agility
  • Strengthen your succession planning, performance management
  • Reduce turnover and associated costs
  • Develop your future leaders
  • Empower your people and empower your organization

Leader-led Classroom Training

Our high quality learning content is developed by expert instructional designers using today's best practices.

  • Dozens of topics in 4 categories: Communication, Management, Sales, and Business Skills
  • Contemporary content, knowledgeable & experienced instructor
  • Configurable group training to meet your specific needs
  • Virtual Online, In-person Onsite, or In-person offsite